Where to Buy Mist Bottles for DIY Mixtures


For the past few months I’ve been faithfully using my Homemade Glycerin Skin Moisturizer and have really liked how it works on my skin. I did learn, however, that I much preferred a mist bottle for applying it to my skin rather than a spray bottle. A mist bottle gives the right amount of application and control when spraying this mixture which is a liquid consistency.

But when I went in search of a good mist bottle, most of the time I couldn’t find anything. At best, I was only finding little travel size mist bottles which I have been using and continually refilling.

Where to Buy Mist Bottles for DIY Mixtures

And then – TA DA – I found big mist bottles! Where? At a beauty supply store for hair stylists!

The beauty supply store I went to (Sally Beauty Supplies) had a nice little section of empty plastic bottles in different sizes and varieties (including an 8 oz mist bottle). The mist bottles were a couple of bucks each. Oh happy day! It must be that hair stylists use the mister bottles for something they’re doing . . . . I don’t know what but I’m glad they’re doing it.

glycerin moisturizer

This week when I made some more glycerin skin moisturizer, I could put the whole batch into my new bottle The 1/4 cup of glycerin, plus 1 cup of filtered water, fit perfectly!

I even made myself a cute little label.

So if you’ve been on a wild goose chase looking for mist bottles for your do-it-yourself mixtures, check around and see if you have a beauty supply store nearby. It could be the solution for you too!

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  1. Thank you for sharing! I want to share the recipe for my homemade make up remover wipes:
    Place cloths in container. Mix together the following ingredients, pour over cloths and shake gently to saturate.

    2 cups warm water
    2 tbsp. olive oil (lifts makeup)
    2 drops tea tree oil (anti-bacterial, great for skin, and prevents mold)

    These will remove just about any makeup, even waterproof mascara. Surprisingly, you don’t have to wash with soap afterward: olive oil is non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores) and, like tea tree oil, is actually both a useful acne treatment as well as a great moisturizer.

  2. Zombiemommy – Yes, this has been the only moisturizer I have been using lately and so far this winter my skin has not dried out nearly as much as it usually does! I have not tried anything with coconut oil, but I do know that glycerin has different properties than oils and absorbs into the skin better so you might find this glycerin mixture a nice alternative.

  3. Thanks for posting the comment about your dog treats on my blog. Mine turned out great – at first! It only took a few days for them to turn moldy…so weird! I really don't understand why! They were totally dry and crisp when I took them out of the oven. I will try your recipe next!