The ABC Survey

I couldn’t resist this cute little survey I saw on the Mother’s Kitchen blog, who said she recycled it from Patti . . who got it from Lisa . . and so it goes.

So here’s a little bit more about me:

ABC Survey

A – Age:  50 as of last week – what a rotten question to start with
B – Bed Size:  Queen
C – Chore you hate:  Dusting
D – Don’t eat:   Bean Soup
E – Essential Start Your Day Item:  Hot Shower
F – Favorite Board Game:  Yahtzee – does that count as a board game?
G – Gold or Silver:  Silver
H – Height:  5′ 9″
I – Instruments You Play:  Piano
J – Job Title:  Legal Assistant
K – Kid(s) – Yup, 2
L – Love or Lust:  Depends on how many drinks I’ve had
M – Mom’s Name:  Margaret
N – Nickname:  Bev – which I guess is not really a nickname at all
O – Overnight hospital stay other than childbirth:  None!
P – Pants or Pantyhose:  Pants – trouser socks beat pantyhose anyday
Q – Favorite Movie Quote: Napolean Dynamite’s grandma – “Make yourself a frickin quesadilla!” (Yeah Napolean . . make your own!!)
R – Right or Left Handed:  Right
S – Siblings:  1 brother still living, lost younger brother in car accident 22 years ago
T – Time you wake up:  6:50 a.m. on workdays
U – Underwear:  I’ll take the old lady style, thank you very much
V – Vegetable favorite:  Corn on the Cob
W – Ways you run late:  I consistently get to work just a couple minutes late
X – X-rays you’ve had:  For pinched nerve in neck
Y – Yummy food you make:  Pasta Primavera
Z – Zoo Animal:  Otters *so cute*


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  1. I came to you because of “Boost Your Buzz” I'm not a blogger, so I'm not asking you to reciprocate. Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the ABC Survey. Seems to me we have a lot in common! I don't know too many people who would admit to being consistently late–it's good to know I'm in good company 🙂
    I'll be enjoying your recipes, I'm sure.