Skin Softening Hand Scrub {DIY Satin Hands}

I’ve come to really enjoy hand and body scrubs – and a couple of years ago I didn’t even know what they were!  But now that I’ve discovered what a lovely thing they are, I’ve taken to always keeping some around and I make sure I pamper myself regularly with a scrub’s interesting combo of abrasiveness and moisturizing.

It’s so easy to make your own hand and body scrubs too.  They’re almost always just a simple mixture of either salt or sugar (for abrasiveness) with an oil or other liquid added (for moisturizing).

And today’s recipe gets a little creative in the “other liquid” category.  It uses Dawn Hand Renewal dish soap!

Make your own skin softening hand scrub

Of course this means this hand scrub won’t fall into the natural category, but it does a super job of hand softening and in fact many folks who try this recipe think it’s a good copycat version of the Mary Kay Satin Hands product.

The Dawn Hand Renewal soap label says “Softer feeling hands in 3 uses” and after using this hand scrub I agree that my hands felt VERY soft.  Plus, this dish soap is a pretty pink color and has a pomegranate scent which adds a nice feminine touch.

If you still need a last minute Mother Day’s gift, this hand scrub would be perfect!

Make your own skin softening hand scrub like Satin Hands

You don’t have to be too precise with the measurements when stirring this together either.  You basically just want to add enough soap to your sugar to make a consistency that’s not too dry or too wet.  Here’s the measurements that I used and was happy with:

Skin Softening Hand Scrub {DIY Satin Hands}


  • 1 cup White Sugar
  • 1/3 cup Dawn Hand Renewal Dish Soap

Place the sugar in a bowl and then stir in the Dawn Hand Renewal dish soap until everything is well mixed together.

If you prefer the mixture be thicker, just add a little more sugar.  If you would prefer it be more liquid, just add a bit more soap.

Make your own skin softening hand scrub - make your own Satin Hands

Transfer to a jar for storage.  A wide mouth jar works the best for being able to reach in and scoop some out when you want to use it.

To use for hand cleaning and softening:  Scoop a small amount onto your hands and rub it around.  Rinse with water and dry.

When shopping for the Dawn Hand Renewal dish soap, I discovered that both Target and my local Meijer grocery store had their own store brand versions of this soap that were also pink colored, pomegranate scented, and labeled as a hand softening dish soap.  These store brand versions might be a money saving option you could try as well.

Here’s a few other hand scrubs I’ve made if you want to check them out too:

Citrus Body Scrub – A natural scrub with sea salt, almond oil, and scented with orange and lemon zest.

Mini Manicure Coconut Scrub – A tropical option with coconut oil and lemon.

Peppermint Scrub – The peppermint essential oil in this one gives it a nice energizing zing.



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