A Precious New Arrival

If I fall a little behind on the blogging in the next couple of weeks please forgive me . . . but I think I have a good excuse.

Last week I became a grandma for the first time and I’ve been floating around on cloud nine.  It seems I’ve temporarily lost my ability to focus on much of anything else.   I’ve taken a little extra time in my schedule too, to just cuddle and love up my brand new grandson. He’s here with us three weeks early so he’s just a little peanut weighing in at 5 lbs and 5 ozs.  Who could resist a precious little bundle of joy like that?

new baby

I’ve noticed as the years have gone by, these cycles of life have become all the more tender to me.  Age brings with it a greater awareness and clarity that life is about seasons of change that come and go.

When I was in my 20’s, I never used to understand why people cried at weddings.  Now, I don’t go to a wedding without some tissues in my purse and usually get teary at some point.  It’s a joyous time of a new beginning and yet a time of looking back too and remembering the years that brought us to this event.   These moments of ebb and flow on this journey we call Life are now more poignant than when I was younger.

Sunrise . . . . Sunset.

new baby

It will be a new role for me, this role of grandmother, and I feel very blessed and humbled to be able to start this new experience.  I wish my Dear Daughter all the best too as she embarks on the new journey of motherhood.

And I think I feel some grandmotherly “Make Your Own” projects coming on too!  My goodness, I got totally lost on Pinterest the other day looking at homemade baby bibs, and homemade baby toys, and decorated Onsies, and on and on.  I’m sure I won’t be able to resist and hope to share some fun homemade baby projects here for all of you in the months ahead.

Next up I’ll be sharing a delicious punch we enjoyed at a baby shower that was so easy and perfect for a morning brunch.  Stay tuned for that recipe!

Read the punch recipe here = = > >  Easy Punch for a Morning Brunch


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  1. Congratulations and welcome to the best part of having children!! lol He is so precious and I completely understand you being on cloud 9! Enjoy every moment because they pass entirely too quickly. Ü

  2. Congratulations! Being a grandmother is a very special addition to the journey in our lives. There will be years of happiness coming your way!

    I do look forward to more DIY posts.


  3. Blesses upon you and your family that is what a baby brings in your life. Enjoy your grand baby for they are little just once.

  4. Welcome to the Grandmother world!!! I was inducted last year, and it is such a blessing & joy. I just sit & thank God for those precious babies and my understanding husband when I blow my grocery budget on cute baby items. CONGRATS!!!