Pine Cones and Toilet Paper Tubes = DIY Bird Feeders


Remember a few weeks ago when I was making my homemade breadcrumbs and I said the birds were gonna hate me because I wasn’t giving them my leftover bread anymore?

Well, scratch that.

Me and the birds are good again. And the squirrels will probably love me too.

That’s because I whipped up a few of these quick and easy DIY bird feeder ornaments to hang in my tree using resourceful supplies like pine cones and empty toilet paper tubes. I love that it doesn’t cost me much, and the critters love that they’re coated in peanut butter and bird seed. We’re all happy!

This is a fun little craft project for the kids too. Here’s how to do it:

DIY Bird Feeders

Thrifty DIY Bird Feeders

You will need:

  • A small amount of string or yarn
  • Pine cones or empty toilet paper tubes
  • Peanut Butter
  • Bird Seed

1. First you will need to attach the string or yarn to the pine cones and toilet paper tubes. This is easiest for the toilet paper tubes. Simply cut a length of string, slip it through the tube, and tie a knot to make a loop. To attach the string to the pine cones you have to be a little more creative. However by winding it around the top, and slipping it under the scales of the pine cone, you can attach it quite securely.

DIY Bird Feeders

2. Next put some peanut butter in a small bowl. (you don’t want to keep re-dipping your knife into your peanut butter jar after it’s been on a pine cone). Using a butter knife, spread the peanut butter on the pine cones or the toilet paper tubes and cover as completely as possible.

3. Spread some bird seed out in a shallow pan or dish. Roll the peanut butter coated pine cone or toilet paper tube in the bird seed until well coated.

And that’s it! Hang your DIY bird feeder ornaments out on the tree branches and let the birds (and squirrels) enjoy the goodness.

DIY Bird Feeder in Tree

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Squireel with pine cone bird feeder

Update: Mr. Squirrel loves the pine cone feeder. He found a way to chew through the string and then sat on a branch with the peanut butter and bird seed pine cone, nibbling away like it was his own special little ear of corn.

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