Make Your Own Favorite Hostess Treats

By now you’ve probably heard the news that Hostess announced it would shut down operations and go out of business. Yikes! No More Twinkies!! People are already going into a panic and buying bagfuls of Hostess snacks before it’s too late.

But before you totally freak out – remember – you can always Make Your Own!

Here’s a fun roundup of links to recipes for homemade versions of your favorite Hostess treats. And who knows? You might even find that they actually taste better than the real thing.

Don’t Worry . . . Make Your Own!

Make Your Own Ding Dongs If you’re willing to take the time to make the cake batter, the cream filling, and the chocolate coating, then you can create a pretty impressive Ding Dong.

Make Your Own Twinkies These little sponge cakes with cream filling are a pretty close clone to the real thing.

Make Your Own Ho-Ho’s To make a homemade Ho Ho you have to do some rolling (cuz that’s how you get a Ho Ho)

Make Your Own Zingers We always had Zingers around the house when I was a kid so I have a soft spot for this particular treat.Here’s a copycat version that uses raspberry jello and coconut.

Make Your Own Cupcakes Yup, these are the familiar chocolate cakes with the white twirly line of frosting going down the center.

Make Your Own Fruit Pies With some pie crust and fruit filling, you can make these cute little mini fruit pies at home.

Make Your Own Donettes This recipe uses a mini doughnut pan that turns out tiny doughnuts that you can cover in powdered sugar.

And yes, these snacks aren’t at the top of the healthy eating list, but for me they bring back fond memories of school lunches and a simpler time when we didn’t worry so much about sugar and calories.

I miss those days.

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