Hometalk Board: Cleaning The Tricky Stuff

A reader recently asked me if I had any homemade ideas for cleaning an HE washing machine.  I don’t have an HE front loader so . . . no, I didn’t really know what to tell her.  Instead I went to one of my favorite sites to look for some info.  I headed over to Hometalk.

Hometalk, if you’ve never checked it out, is kind of a fun cross between Facebook and Pinterest for all things relating to your home.  Just like Facebook, you can follow people, “like” things, and check out your news feed when you login.  And like Pinterest, you can set up boards on your favorite topics and “clip” things to your boards so you can always find all that good info again when you need it.

I recently set up a Hometalk board called “Cleaning The Tricky Stuff” for those frustrating things like bagless vacuums, pillows, patio umbrellas, and yes – HE washing machines.  You know . . . all those things that could probably use a good cleaning but we’re just not sure how!  And once again, so many of these things have frugal homemade solutions like vinegar, baking soda, or bleach.

Hometalk Board:  Cleaning the Tricky Stuff

Another thing I like about Hometalk is that there’s always good feedback comments on posts and you can really get a lot of great additional info and ideas just by taking the time to read through the comments.  It’s a very helpful community!

If you’d like to check out some of the tricky cleaning solutions I’ve clipped to my Hometalk board, you can check it out here:

= = = > > >  Hometalk:  Cleaning The Tricky Stuff

I’ll be watching for more good posts and frugal cleaning solutions and adding them to the board as I find them.  If you check it out, I think you’ll find  Hometalk to be a very helpful gathering place just like I have.

Now ~  Time to get busy and start cleaning!


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