Homemade Cleaners Recipe Cheat Sheet

Every now and then I like to make myself a little cheat sheet. They’re a nice way to gather often used information into one place. The world is filled with so much information now that a few little tricks like this can really help!

One of the last cheat sheets I shared here was my recipe measurement conversion chart which I made in a small size to fit in my recipe box. Shortly after that I wrote about how I keep my recipes organized, and a few folks shared that so many recipes and bits of info are printed off the internet now and they’ve started keeping their recipes and other info in binders to accommodate 8.5×11 sized paper printouts.

Now, I don’t think I’ll be giving up my recipe box anytime soon for most of my basic kitchen cooking, but I can totally relate to having printouts on regular sized paper.  I’ve got several binders in my blogging office filled with ideas, recipes, and what-have-you, that I’ve printed off the internet, all on 8.5×11 sized paper.  If you find something online and you want to print it, that’s usually how it ends up.

Homemade Cleaners Recipe Cheat Sheet - Includes a printable pdf - a handy reference guide for the basic cleaners you use the most!

So today I’m sharing another little cheat sheet for those of you who like to keep their info in binders on a full sized sheet of paper.  This is a collection of 10 of my homemade cleaning recipes that are the basics I use most often, all together on one page for quick reference.  Here’s the link for the printable pdf:

Homemade Cleaners Recipe Cheat Sheet

And as an added bonus, you can cut out any of the recipes on the page and use them as labels on your containers too so that you’ll always have the recipe handy for refills.   I would suggest covering them completely with clear tape however, to make them more durable.

And of course, you could cut out any of the recipes too and glue them onto a recipe card if you are an old-school recipe box kind of gal like me!

And if you prefer a digital method, you can simply pin the image above to Pinterest 🙂

Here are links to the complete articles about the cleaners on the cheat sheet if you’d like to read more about them:

All Purpose Spray #1
All Purpose Spray #2 (this is the deluxe Peppermint Scent version)
Daily Shower Spray
Furniture Dusting Spray
Glass & Mirror Spray
Soft Scrub
Dawn Liquid Laundry Soap
No-Grate Powdered Laundry Soap
Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Hardwood Floor Spray

And if you’ve ever wondered if you can save money with homemade cleaners, here’s my recent homemade cleaners cost comparison chart that shows sometimes you can save a whole lot!


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  1. Bev, I love how you are constantly finding ways to make life easier for your readers. Every time I come to your website, I find myself reading for at least an hour because you have so many great ideas! Thank you so much.

    1. I do not currently have any stainless steel appliances so do not currently have that recipe. I hope to have some new appliances in the future, and then a recipe to clean them with too!

  2. So glad to find you. I get horrible allergy symptoms when ever I clean. So using natural projects will help me very much. Have all the products needed on my grocery list!!!

    1. Fay – you should be able to find washing soda in the aisle of the store where they sell laundry products. Most large retailers (like Walmart) and larger grocery stores will carry it. It is often on a very top or very bottom shelf. Washing soda usually doesn’t get the prime shelf space. I’m glad you found the cheat sheet helpful too!

  3. Beverly, thanks so much for making this so simple. I printed it and saved. Hope you have a great week. Kathy