Favorite Finds for March


My recent attempt to make Homemade Wheat Thins started me thinking about how hard it can be to duplicate some of our favorite store bought food items in our own kitchens.  The best way to go about those recipes is with the idea that a Make Your Own version naturally won’t turn out exactly like the manufactured versions.   But it’s an adventure to stir it together yourself and even though some recipes can be disappointing, other times you discover that you can actually improve on a beloved store bought favorite.

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So this month, I’m wondering if I should make my own . . . 

– Homemade Oreos
Homemade Oreo Cookies
Can anything compare to the real thing when it comes to Oreo cookies?  Maybe not, but this recipe from the Baking Bites website for a homemade chocolate sandwich cookie looks pretty darn tasty and doesn’t appear to be too complicated either.

– Homemade Pop Tarts
Sorry Kelloggs, These Pop-Tarts Will Make You Crumble
This recipe for homemade poptarts on the Bake Me More blog uses the idea of pie crust dough with jam in between.  It includes two versions – one using a premade pie crust and another using a made from scratch pie crust.  If you’re feeling ambitious you can put frosting and sprinkles on your homemade pop tarts too.

– Homemade Goldfish Crackers
Unwrapped: Goldfish Crackers
The challenge with homemade goldfish crackers, of course, is finding a little bitty fish cookie cutter and then finding the time to cut them all out.  These instructions from the Come On Ilene blog includes a clever idea for making your own fish shaped cookie cutter too.


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    I guess, with all respect, i consider all of these things unhealthy, regardless of whether they are made at home or not. Home made would be slightly LESS unhealthy, but still full of things that are driving obesity. http://www.trackyourplaque.com/blog/Dr. Davis says anything made with wheat is unhealthy because we have changed the structure of wheat so dramatically that it doesn't even remotely resemble what our grandmothers and great-grandmothers used. And since the inception of "low fat" eating, so many diseases have become huge problems.I love all the things you list, but i don't want to fall prey to all the problems of our age: Diabetes, cancer, chronic pain and disease, heart disease, Alzheimer's. I do believe that eating healthy can prevent most if not all these issues.I'm not trying to be critical here. I love your blog. I'm just providing a alternative perspective. I think, if i were to indulge in an Oreo at a friend's house, i'd have one or two and call it good for the year. I can say, however, that if i did that i would be re-starting a craving cycle that i've been working to get away from.

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    I FOR ONE think it is great to make the alternatives.. everyone needs a little "something" every now and again and the fact that you are going to make your own is great. As long as you are not eating them day in and day out.. I say GO FOR IT ! I can't wait to read about it. ~Kristy… been following your blog for sometime and I am only just not commenting!

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    I had mixed feelings too when I posted these links, as Oreos and Pop Tarts probably do deserve the labels of "junk food". And yet once in a while it is nice to have a sweet treat. Like so many things in life, we are called upon again to find the proper balance. Thanks for your interesting comments!