Saturday Link List – Presto Chango Christmas Decorating


It’s that time of year. . . . Let the Christmas decorating begin!  Need a few more fresh decorating ideas?  Check out the links below for thrifty homemade ideas to turn stuff you may already have laying around, into cute additions to your Christmas decorating.

Saturday Link List - Presto Chango Christmas Decorating

Disposable Diaper = Fake Snow!
Who knew you could rip open a disposable diaper (unused of course) and turn the insides into fake snow? This must have been discovered accidently by a stressed out mother who had a wet diaper break open on her and she said *gosh* this looks just like snow . . . I must now blog about it!

Powdered Sugar Donuts = A Snowman!
The best part of this project is if you get tired of it after a few days, you can eat it

Leftover Yarn = Christmas Ornaments!
Oh happy day!   Another way to use up my leftover yarn!  This project uses the fillable clear ball ornaments, and then simply fills them with pretty kinds of yarn.  How simple it that?

Gift Bag = New Picture for the Wall!
There are so many cute Christmas gift bags that can be found at the dollar store.  By using a large size bag and painting an old picture frame white, you can have yourself a festive new Christmas picture for the wall.

Have Fun!


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