Saturday Link List – I’m Getting Hungry!


Don’t you love those cooking tutorials on the web with all the mouth-watering close-ups of food?  I guess they’re supposed to inspire me to start cooking, but sometimes they just inspire me to start eating instead.

I had a Homer Simpson moment when I found this post.  Ummmmmm, donuts.  Gosh these look good.  I’m trying my best to eat a little more low carb but it was fun to read anyway:  Homemade Glazed Doughnuts

Saturday Link List - I'm Getting Hungry!

This was an intriguing post:  Homemade Wine Jelly  I had just as much fun reading all the comments after the recipe.  Will the little children be getting tipsy if they eat this?  It was quite the debate.

And finally, this is going on my to-do someday list:  Homemade Stewed Tomatoes in the Crockpot  I’m going to plant a couple of tomato plants again next spring and this looks like an interesting way to cook up any excess tomatoes.  Plus, there are pictures for every step of the process, (even a picture of the tops and bottoms of the tomatoes that got cut off!), so I have no excuse for screwing it up.  Not that I ever do that.



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