A while back I cut out a pattern from the Hints from Heloise column in my newspaper.  It was her pattern for nylon net scrubbies that was passed down from her mother, the original Heloise who had been writing the column since the 1950’s.  I thought maybe it would be fun to make some of those and see how they turn out.  You basically lay three long strips of nylon net on top of each other, run a basting stitch down the middle, and then gather it up, tie a knot, and fluff it out.  Here are the Heloise instructions:
Hints from Heloise Nylon Net Scrubber

But before I got around to working on that project I decided I wanted find a way to make my own bath poufs and strangely enough, I came across exactly the same pattern.
Instructions for Homemade Bath Pouf

homemade nylon net scrubbie

So this weekend I finally made one and tested it out in both the bathroom and the kitchen.  Here’s my conclusions:

Nylon Net Scrubbie as Bath Pouf
The scrubbie did lather up well, but it was definitely more scratchy than a store bought bath pouf so I told myself  * I’m Exfoliating * and I kept going.  It was a nice size and it held its shape pretty well, but the scratchy part was just not very nice.
Grade:  B-

Homemade Bath Pouf


Nylon Net Scrubbie as Pot Scrubber

Next I tried the scrubbie in the kitchen.  Here the scratchy part was more helpful and I was able to clean a container that had lots of sticky crumbs in the bottom and it did a good job of loosening those crumbs.  But I did not care for the “ball” shape of the scrubbie in the kitchen.  I like to be able to set a scrubbie up on the edge of my sink and a 6″ nylon ball looked kind of goofy sitting there.
Grade:  B+

homemade nylon pouf

When it’s all said and done I think I’ll stick with going to the dollar store where I can find nice soft bath poufs and nice rectangular dish sponges without spending much cash.



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