Five Ways to Make Homemade Swiffer Covers


Do you love your swiffer but hate the cost of the disposable swiffer cloths?  Here are five ways you can make your own homemade swiffer covers.

1. Use a Microfiber Cloth.

Here’s my really easy way of covering a swiffer.  Simply wrap a microfiber cleaning cloth around the swiffer and tuck the edges into the “grabbers”.  Most cloths will be wider than the swiffer, however, you can simply fold over the edges a couple times to get to the right size. I find the microfiber cloths do a good job of picking up the dust, hair, and other assorted yuckies.  After cleaning the floors, all you need to do is pick off the bigger clumps of the gunk and throw the cloth in the washing machine.

Homemade swiffer cloth ideas

2. Knit a Swiffer Cover.

You will laugh out loud when you read the link below to another blogger’s story of comparing two of the popular knit patterns for swiffer covers.  When I was done laughing I got busy knitting and then gave my knit swiffer cover a try.  I liked it and will almost certainly be making a few more.  These covers too can easily be washed in the washing machine after picking off the bigger clumps of gunk. Swiffer Showdown with two knit patterns


Homemade swiffer cloth ideas

3. Crochet a Swiffer Cover.

If you’re not a knitter, here’s a crochet pattern for the same style.
Crochet Swiffer Shrug

4. Fleece Swiffer Cover.

This link does not include a pattern, however the picture shows how easy it would be to cut a piece of fleece and sew the edges to fit over a swiffer.  Check it out and be inspired.

Example of Sewn Fleece Swiffer Cover

5.Throw a Sock On It!

And for all you “craft challenged” folks who don’t knit, crochet, sew, or even have a microfiber cloth hanging around the house, here’s your inspiration.  Find a tube sock and you too can make your own swiffer cover!



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